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The Connected Leader

by Karen J. Hardwick

The Connected Leader

by Karen J. Hardwick

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Change the landscape at work and in your personal relationships as you dig deep into the ways you can unlock the power of connection.

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Helping people in business, family, and community to connect more deeply with themselves and those around them. Discover the seven connection strategies and empower your true self and inspire others.

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“This innovative and inspiring book will change the reader and change the conversation around leadership. Karen has a unique and powerful way of inviting us to put connection at the center of leadership. She urges us to throw out the old leadership models and dive deep into the soul work needed to be fully human at work, and in all of life. This is a rare business book with a heartbeat.”
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—Susan Packard
Co-founder of HGTV and Author of Fully Human: 3 Steps to Grow Emotional Fitness in Work, Leadership, and Life
“Hardwick’s inspiring message is there’s a more fully human way to lead rooted in emotional, spiritual, and relational wholeness. Connected leadership is the way of the future. Highly recommended!”
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—Ian Morgan Cron
Author, The Road Back to You, The Story of You
“The Connected Leader is profoundly important. Karen’s written a guide that is at once both practical and actionable while vividly authentic and real. Using her own broken open heart, she shows how each of us is seeking presence and connection and that the best leaders, leading from a connected soul, create the conditions for a lasting sense of belonging.”
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—Jerry Colonna
Author, Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up

About the book

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We cannot connect with or lead others in inspiring ways until we connect with and learn to lead ourselves in honest ways.
"I’m not a leader.” I’ve heard this a thousand times from a thousand people, but I believe that we all have been given the mantle to lead in the areas of influence we’ve been called to, whether in a boardroom or the living room.

You can transform and be the change needed to heal the disconnection we face. By utilizing the seven connection strategies, we can empower workplaces, families, communities, and relationships through the grace and grit, resilience, and empathy that occur when our connection wiring is activated in healthy ways.

Connection is the antidote — yet, we need to connect to ourselves compassionately to enhance self-discovery. Without this gift, we cannot connect, in a meaningful way, to a higher purpose or engage with others to ignite inspiration.

In this book, I authentically share my story of struggle and triumph. I did this so that you might be able to look honestly at your own story and re-write the parts of your narrative that need healing. Connection helps us awaken, heal, and courageously lead. It synthesizes the emotional, spiritual, and relational, permitting you and me to look honestly at the road ahead and lead from a place of true well-being.
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About the author

With master degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary a Rutgers and decades of front row experience, Karen Joy is a spiritually and psychologically trained leadership consultant, speaker, author, podcast host, and lover of connection.

Her in-depth clinical training, along with her tenured business acumen, sets her apart and matters a great deal in a world where anyone can be a “coach”; her expertise allows her to understand, name, and address what is getting in the way of people and organizations performing at their best.

Her wisdom helps her to guide individuals, teams, and entire organizations to navigate the complexities of human nature and organizational dynamics so they can move into a culture of empowerment, inspiration, and transformation.
Karen J. Hardwick