Karen J. Hardwick

The Connected Leader, A New Book From

Karen J. Hardwick

Have you ever wondered if there is a more emotionally and spiritually whole way to connect at work and home?

The Connected Leader book
Discover the 7 strategies to empower your true self and inspire others.
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Karen J. Hardwick

About the book

The Connected Leader book
We are not leaders having a leadership crisis. We are leaders having a human being crisis.
Connection is the antidote — yet, many of us don’t know how to connect to ourselves compassionately in order to enhance self-discovery. Without this gift, we cannot connect, in a meaningful way, to a higher purpose or engage with others to ignite inspiration.

With the help of Hardwick’s connection architecture, we can transform. By utilizing her strategies of connection, we can empower workplaces and relationships through the grace and grit, resilience, and empathy that occur when our connection wiring is activated in healthy ways.

Hardwick’s willingness to share her story of struggle and triumph, along with anecdotes from the boardroom and family room, helps us to awaken, heal, and courageously lead. She synthesizes the emotional, spiritual, and relational, giving us permission to look honestly at how we do damage to ourselves and others while inviting us to live and lead from a place of true well-being.
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About the author

With master degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary a Rutgers and decades of front row experience, Karen Joy is a spiritually and psychologically trained leadership consultant, speaker, author, podcast host, and lover of connection.

Her in-depth clinical training, along with her tenured business acumen, sets her apart and matters a great deal in a world where anyone can be a “coach”; her expertise allows her to understand, name, and address what is getting in the way of people and organizations performing at their best.

Her wisdom helps her to guide individuals, teams, and entire organizations to navigate the complexities of human nature and organizational dynamics so they can move into a culture of empowerment, inspiration, and transformation.
Karen J. Hardwick